On Thursday 1st June we held our second flower arranging demonstration at Horringer Court Middle School.

The evening was held at the request of the congregation who enjoyed learning so much last year that they thought a revision was necessary for this year’s Flower, Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Festival which is to be held on 8th July.

Personally I think that I learned more this year than last. John Zarattini fronted the event again and provided everything that we needed and more. He showed us that there are so many varieties on which to display what God has given us, using not only flowers but foliage, bits of bark, fir cones etc. In fact, anything you could lay your hands on. I say that because this year John suggested that the theme should be wildlife and invited people to bring garden ornaments or similar items to enhance their displays. The beauty of it all was that we could take away everything we had made.

We had 14 folks attend and the time flew by. We first made up a display using dry oasis, a sort of practice run. This was followed by the main event using wet oasis and included the items we brought along.

The results, I have to say, were quite wonderful. There was no competition, just friends expressing their artistic talents they didn’t know they had.

We look forward now to seeing lots of talent on display on 8th July. If anyone wishes to exhibit their flower arrangements, artwork, crafting or indeed hobbies then please email David Brereton to reserve table space at [email protected]. Please don’t forget to invite lots of friends and family – entrance and table reservations are FREE. There’s a BBQ starting at noon and refreshments and cakes will be available throughout the day. All proceeds on the day will be donated to St Nicholas Hospice.

David Brereton

Flower demo, Hailey

HC3 community church, flower demo

Jenn's Flower demo, HC3 church demo

Nice flowers, Mum! Church flower demo

church flower demo

Second Annual Flower Demonstration

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  • 6th July 2017 at 3:05 pm

    What a bunch of beauties, and I don’t mean the flowers 🙂


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