Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th November saw Pastor Stephen Jerrold and Associate Pastor Bernard Plume attend the above conference at High Leigh Conference centre.

As part of HC3 Membership and our Pastors Affiliation it is a mandatory requirement that we attend at least bi-annually along with the AGM which is part of the conference.

This was no hardship as the conference was truly inspiring on many levels, about 120 delegates attended from across the UK around the key theme of “The Church as a movement for Change “. The worship sessions were mainly lead by Noel Robinson and were times of real liberated praise with a deep sense of God’s presence filling every meeting.

…we returned refreshed and inspired [to] fulfil our God given destiny and assignment.

Two keynote addresses were given one by His Grace Bishop Angaelos and one by Dr Hugh Osgood.

These two dear men of God come from different traditions but spoke with one voice into the key note topic.

There were various workshops and discussion groups, seminars, networking, prayer times and a host of good resources to look at and as a bonus the accommodation was very comfortable and the food delicious.

All too soon it was over and we returned refreshed and inspired in both our commitment to CIC as a movement and with many seed thoughts as to how we at HC3 can fulfil our God given destiny and assignment.

Please enjoy the media clip that gives a flavour of the conference you might even see a face or two you recognise.

– Bernard PP Pastor Stephen


 conference, bury st edmunds church

Report on CIC Members residential conference 2017

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