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Lifenet Children’s Foundation Inc.

House of Joshua Residential Restoration Care, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Please pray for ‘JB’ as we have been trying to obtain his legal identification documents for the past 5 years. After various meetings with different registry department personnel we have finally had a possible breakthrough to register him without known parental data or date of birth. It requires a lot of documents to file but it is the first time we have had any glimpse of obtaining him a birth certificate which is required for him to continue in school. Please pray that there will be no further roadblocks and that he can finally be registered as existing.

Please pray for ‘A’ who has an ongoing child abuse case in the court. We are still waiting for the final hearings to close the case and for her to move forward. She continues to receive counselling. We are praying for her inner healing and restoration: body, mind and spirit.

Please pray for ‘C’ who underwent surgery and a subsequent CT scan for a misplaced blood vessel in her neck. We are still awaiting the results and recommendations from the Dr for her further treatment and care.

Please pray for our Mustard Seed Summer Arts Project which starts Mon 21st May for 2 weeks enabling our House of Joshua kids and local children to receive performing arts training workshops in collaboration with Rise Theatre Company, UK. We are praying that this opportunity will enable the children to explore their personal stories and history and help to express some of the disappointments and challenges in a creative way. We are hoping to arrange a live public performance at the end of the 2 weeks which will enable the children to share their skills and lessons learned from the parable of the mustard seed.

Growing Hope Community Outreach Program

Our sponsorship program for local children resumes in June with the start of the new academic year. Please pray with us that the sponsors will renew their support for another year so that the 45+ kids can continue in the program and for further volunteers to help facilitate the weekly Saturday afternoon activities for the children and parents.

Canitoan Community Fellowship (Revival For Christ Philippines-RFC)

We began pioneering a church with RFC in February, based at House of Joshua shortly after Ramil was ordained and commissioned as a Pastor. We have been taking the first few months to ‘find our feet’ but recently started a Saturday children’s feeding ministry in the local community for disadvantaged families which our HOJ youth are helping to facilitate with our church leaders. We are approx 40 people meeting together each Sunday and are gradually working towards hopefully reaching out further into the community.

Rendon Family

Please pray for our children returning to school in June. Michael and Joshua will be starting High School level – grade 7, Ellianah grade 4, and Kaelah grade 2. They will be attending all together at Alpha Omega Centre where our twin boys have attended since October last year.

Mary is also teaching reading and English Literature part time 3 days per week at the school in exchange for partial scholarships for our 4 children to attend the school. We are hoping and praying that this will fit well with our family as our girls had some difficult challenges while attending their previous school. Please pray the transfer of the girls will be fruitful, that they will settle and start to thrive with the support of their new teachers and a program that better suits their individual needs.

Please also pray for Mary’s time and energy management for teaching and the balance with her ministry responsibilities as Director of House of Joshua. She managed a trial 6 month and is hopeful that continuing teaching will open further opportunities for reaching out to children with various special education and emotional health needs. She has been asked to teach dance twice a month and also help with children with Down Syndrome and their families using creative arts. There are also numerous opportunities and situations for guidance counselling and teenagers with mental health needs.

Ralph, our nephew who also lives with us has finally found a job, working online. Please pray that he will be able to maintain the work standards as he is helping to support his siblings and parents who are living on another island.

Please also pray for ‘Pastor Ramil’ who is now leading the new church fellowship. We have a small team of committed leaders with us and are trusting that this new season will enable us to be salt and light in our area.

THANK YOU so much for your continued support and care! We really appreciate your partnership and prayers.

With blessings to you,

Mary & Ramil Rendon
Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Pray for the House of Joshua

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