We're back! Come along on Sunday (10:30am start) for some worship - In Person!
We're back! Come along on Sunday (10:30am start) for some worship - In Person!
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TL;DR (Summary):
We’re publishing as a podcast now. A list of everywhere we publish is available at https://anchor.fm/hc3church, along with the option to listen on that page. We’ll try and get each episode uploaded and published by 9AM on the Tuesday after a service, although this might not always happen on platforms like RadioPublic and Google Podcasts due to review timelines.

OK, so I didn’t literally mean that you’d have Stephen in your pocket. He isn’t that small!

What I meant to say is that we’re changing the way that we publish our sermons. Until now, you’ve had to navigate through a few pages on our website, and I’ll admit, my last attempt at upgrading the sermon players didn’t really work – college work caught up with me and I didn’t have enough time to manually tag and re-enter every single sermon – there’s a lot of them!

Since we’re upgrading our sound gear (New Mixing Desk, Speakers and Microphones), we thought that we should upgrade the way we publish online too, to get our online presence up to date.

What we’ll start doing within the next week or so is upload new sermons to services like Spotify, Google Podcasts and iTunes, instead of our website. This is a good thing, for the following reasons:

  • We won’t risk maxing out our file limit with our Web Host as easily (we have unlimited storage but can only store so many individual files)
  • It will be much easier for us to upload sermons and their associated files (notes, slides etc.)
  • More people will be able to discover the word with much more ease
  • It will be much easier to download sermons to your smartphone to listen to on-the-go (aka a Pastor in your Pocket) and on your smart speakers

The sites that we’ll be publishing on all have their own apps for your phone, so it’s as easy as just a few taps.

We are re-launching our online Sermons under the name ‘Word of the Week’. We’ve built upon how we currently format our digital sermons so that they feel much more like a professional podcast – I’ve even made new music to go with it! We’re aiming to get each ‘episode’ uploaded by 9am on Tuesday Mornings, so you’ll have a regular release date and time to look forward to. This might not always happen on platforms like Google Podcasts or RadioPublic duie to individual review timescales, but there’s always a freshly up-to-date list of all our episodes on our Anchor or Spotify pages! Approval for new episodes to be published on Spotify normally takes between 10-30 minutes, and it’s the most convenient to use on-the-go, so that’s what we recommend.

Some of the platforms that we’re going to publish to will need you to create a free account with them. While this is quick, easy and secure – and will give you access to more excellent podcasts and music by other people – we understand that not everyone might want to give their email address to another company. In addition to being able to listen on platforms like Spotify or Google Podcasts, you’ll be able to listen to the word on our Anchor page, which doesn’t require an account!

Anchor is the wonderful company who will handle the distribution of our sermons. They’re kind enough to let you listen to our podcast on our own special Profile page!

We’re really looking forward to bringing this new content to the masses. If you’re excited too, let us know in the comments! Or if you’ve got any questions or concerns, write them down there too! We’ll try to respond to every comment when we can.

In the meantime, you can check out our Anchor page by clicking here!

Thank you for your understanding and support while we set this up!

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Pastor in your Pocket (aka HC3 Anywhere, Anytime)
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