We held a games evening and fish and chip supper on Monday 20th March in Horringer Court Middle School gym. It was NOT a serious competition by any means but even before the event some of the ladies ‘were up for a fight’, metaphorically speaking that is, looking forward to challenging the men.

Unfortunately there was a little disappointment when our Pastor had to withdraw before the games began due to a back injury and with a business trip to Ireland the following day it wasn’t worth the risk.

We played our own version of Carpet Bowls, a Putting Target game and Floor Curling. There was also darts to play for those who were waiting their turn to play.

When I returned with the supper I was greeted with a whole lot of “whoopin’ and a hollerin’ ”, and it wasn’t from the line dancers in the drama hall, the games were well under way. There were both cheers and groans when someone made a particularly good shot or when an opponent was eliminated.

After supper we split up into three teams to make it more of a competition. After a period of rotation of the games the team’s best scorers faced each other in a play-off and the winners presented with an Easter egg. This proved to be a little too much for Christina who was last seen chasing husband Bernie around the gym in hot pursuit of his egg!

As always people came together to sort out and tidy up afterwards so my grateful thanks to them. I for one am already looking forward to another games evening next year perhaps but we still have some other interesting events yet to come which will benefit from your support. So this is a good time to remind you that we have our local historian coming to speak to us on 27th April. His subject this time is all about the tunnels and chalk caves under our feet.

David Brereton

hc3 church, bury st edmunds, games nighthc3 church, bury st edmunds, games nighthc3 church, bury st edmunds, games night

hc3 church, bury st edmundshc3 church, bury st edmunds

Games Evening

One thought on “Games Evening

  • 2nd May 2017 at 7:15 pm

    Fabulous evening full of fun and a generous amount of competitive spirit. I personally feel that Pastor Stephen was scared of the competition, which was fierce at times, and may not have been as successful as on previous occasions. Feel free to come and join us at our next event!


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