Saturday 8th July saw us hold our second Flower, Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Festival with BBQ at HCMS.

This year however, we decided to raise as many funds as we could for St Nicholas Hospice, a very worthy cause I’m sure everyone will agree and one we will support again in the near future.
Unfortunately the day we planned this, we were not aware that a number of other events were to take place in and around the town. July is the month for fetes etc after all before the great holiday exodus begins. Therefore the number of visitors was slightly down, but those that did come to view and admire did so with enthusiasm, commenting on the talent and skill of the exhibitors which I have to say once again was amazing.

You are a talented lot!

Because we included hobbies this year we saw a wider variety of exhibits including trains made out of coal, woodwork, homemade guitars, eggs – yes eggs, of all types shapes and sizes, quilts and all sorts of artistic work. Then there were flowers too which not only brightened up the hallways but again showed off the talents of those who exhibited.

As visitors and exhibitors mingled, there were certainly lots of conversations to be heard (and I was outside for most of the afternoon) but it meant that people needed to take fluids on board therefore the teas, coffees and soft drinks went down a treat but simply HAD to be accompanied by a piece of cake or two.

Outside the weather was perfect, though a little breezy, which meant that the BBQ smoke played havoc with the two of us that were cooking. The food at one stage couldn’t be cooked fast enough but was thoroughly enjoyed by all our customers, many of whom passed on complements after they had their fill.

During the afternoon we were treated to live music played for us by saxophonist Clare Burman and guitarist husband Nick which was appreciated by those who stood to listen as well as those who passed by slowly.

For those folks who were not able to attend on the Saturday, most of the exhibits were left on display to be viewed on the Sunday morning.

At the beginning I said that we were taking the opportunity to support St Nick’s and so I’m pleased to report that after bills were settled we still managed to raise £375 which I delivered to grateful recipients on Tuesday 11th.

So that leaves me now to say a HUGE thank you to ALL who took part but especially to those who got “stuck in” to set up on the Friday evening and to break down (not literally) on Sunday morning.

~David Brereton


hobbies, community church, bury st edmunds

hobbies, community church, bury st edmunds hobbies, community church, bury st edmunds
hobbies, community church, bury st edmunds
hobbies, community church, bury st edmunds
hobbies, community church, bury st edmunds
Saxophone, clare burman, community church, bury st edmunds
home made, hand built guitar, nick burman, hobbies, community church, bury st edmunds

Flower, Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies Festival

One thought on “Flower, Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies Festival

  • 31st July 2017 at 9:54 pm

    It was very uplifting to see what a small group can do with the aim to support our local hospice.
    With the Church blending with other local groups and people and enjoy viewing the many tables of home made items and lovely flowers.


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