We rang the changes for this year’s 2017 Father’s Day service.

Shorter but action packed would be a good description and it was great to have a number of visitor’s present. Pastor Bernard led the service, setting the tone by recognising that families today no longer fit the traditional mould so how can we be a good parent and in particular a dad that builds lasting values into those who look to him.

Three dads spoke very effectively for just 5 minutes each. One told us about being a dad and grandad over the long haul especially when separated by distance. Our second spoke on being a dad in two or “blended” families and the last contributor spoke on being a dad in a busy and changing family. All three guys spoke with great openness and honesty of the challenges they faced.

We carried on one HC3 tradition by making sure each dad got a bar of chocolate and a pair of ‘outrageous’ socks.

We mixed and matched with a couple of songs and then three games. Bernard selected two sets of “volunteers /victims”. It was a dad and son, versus a dad and daughter. “How Well Do You Know Dad?”, “Guess the Object” and “Head Basketball” all gave us a good laugh with plenty of encouragement from the audience. We declared the contest an honourable draw and both teams received a treasured trophy.

The Media clip was “Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlinson and Bernard rounded of the service with a challenging word titled “A Good Father Who?” with some down to earth practical life applications.

We carried on one HC3 tradition by making sure each dad got a bar of chocolate and a pair of ‘outrageous’ socks. One dad who did not attend the service even sent a message via his wife that he would still like his “Chocs and Socks” we surely have set a precedent, sixty minutes flew by and we have received a number of great comments on how the service was light-hearted but powerfully relevant, now we must live in the principles of what we have learned.

May God help all us dads to be “good fathers” like our Heavenly Father.

Listen to the talk “A Good Father Who”

Fathers Day at HC3

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    Oh I am loving a certain gentleman in black T Shirt smile shades of Aardmans Animation perhaps ?


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