We're back! Come along on Sunday (10:30am start) for some worship - In Person!
We're back! Come along on Sunday (10:30am start) for some worship - In Person!
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It’s the end or is it the beginning?

WOW, a whole year has passed and this is the FINAL episode of Country Boy in the capital I hope you have enjoyed the blog, I have certainly enjoyed writing it.

There only remains the SBS Graduation Ceremony which takes place sometime in March 2018. It was a day of mixed emotions – joy at having successfully completed the course, a sense of wonder at how much material we crammed into the last day (two thousand years of church history in 6 lectures) and we still found time to do a presentation to Dr Hugh Osgood, that is, sing him a tongue in cheek tribute (ask me for the beautifully crafted lyrics). The song will appear on the web in due course. A measure of sorrow that this great learning experience has come to an end.

It was a day of mixed emotions…joy… wonder…sorrow

So where do we go from here?

I have attached only one picture this month, it’s a man’s shoe hovering over the yellow safety line at Ely railway station, the train to Kings Cross is always crowded and all the commuters start to jostle as the train approaches the station, jockeying for the best position to grab the bonus of a “seat” for the journey.

It reminded me that we must be “ready” for the off, to grasp every opportunity that life presents to us. I have ended the SBS course but it’s the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life, armed with all I have learned I am ready in the commute of life to not seize a seat as a passenger but be an active participant in making society and the world a better place and like that man my body language shows I am eager and ready for all that lies ahead.

How about YOU?

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A Country Boy in the Capital: The Final Episode

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