We're back! Come along on Sunday (10:30am start) for some worship - In Person!
We're back! Come along on Sunday (10:30am start) for some worship - In Person!
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Held up on my commute to “Ely” so missed the first train, it’s all cool so chilled in the waiting room and read some more chapters from “The Grace Awakening” by Charles R Swindoll.

It’s from 2003 but still relevant and a great read, if you have not read it, do so it could well set you free!

Today I want to tell you about some of the sights I see on my walk from “Kings Cross” to “Tavistock Square” and my random musings.

I walk past the “British Library” and there is a bronze Statue of a naked Sir Isaac Newton with a pair of Mathematical Dividers It reminds me that I need to measure up to biblical standards but need God’s grace to help me do that.

On down Euston road and we find “St Pancras church” with four Caryatids supporting the portico, they are a copy of some in ancient Greece architecture and symbolise being guardians of the dead. Well I know I will not need guarding because after this life as a Christian I have a certain hope I will be with my wonderful Lord in heaven.

So, into class, 6 great lectures by Dr Hugh Osgood on “Exile, Restoration and the intertestamental period”, spiritually and intellectually challenging as always.

At the end of classes complete with a coffee, I went into “Tavistock Square” itself, green and calm, an oasis in London’s frenetic pace, hard to believe that here on 07/07/2005 a bomb destroyed a London bus, took 12 lives and many injured, a simple plaque reminds us of that dreadful event. A challenge to me that my faith has to be communicated in a complicated and diverse world with many conflicting viewpoints.

Let’s finish on a lighter note, got a bit caught up in my thoughts so I cut my walk back to Kings Cross too fine so had to run most of the way to catch the train. Woke up on Saturday to find had strained my “Achilles Tendon” so needed the support of a stick. Now I know why runners do warm up and stretching exercises.

Enjoy the pictures, speak soon, and feel free to leave your comments.

A country boy in the capital episode four

One thought on “A country boy in the capital episode four

  • 1st June 2017 at 11:12 pm

    All good stuff…A small insight of a long day travelling and learning.Not Samuel Peeps but the he did not return to good old BSE.
    That was a photo of a walking aid with added value.
    It helpful to share.
    Thank you


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