Pay attention to the Signs!

Yes, a pretty obvious statement I know but…

On my last visit to the capital I failed miserably to do this. You know how you get familiar with a route and slip into auto pilot?

Going down the A14 I normally turn off at J37 for the A142 to Ely but on this sunny morning I was singing merrily away to myself and before I knew it I was at the Cambridge turn off, so swiftly took the turn to Newmarket and then on towards Ely. However, I had lost valuable time and hence missed my train, the next one was cancelled so I then had an hour’s wait which made me miss the first lecture – aaaaargh!

It got me thinking about signs. Some are light-hearted like the one advertising a Coffee Shop but others are unmissable. At Kings Cross station there is a very busy pedestrian crossing operated by lights. At peak times, it’s rammed with commuters crossing and often ignoring the red wait light then narrowly missing a collision with the traffic. Often folks cross whilst gazing at their mobile. Signs correctly placed and used are there to inform us and to help not hinder our progress.

Jesus said to a crowd one day that they needed to see the signs and understand the times they were living in. Another writer called them “perilous times and difficult to deal with”. Whether you share a faith or not I think we can all agree to that observation.

As I headed back to Kings Cross the evening papers had the headline about an outbreak of acid attacks.
Once I gain I reflected that the Christian faith helps us read the signs of society and respond in a positive and helpful way to the challenges we all face.

The Bible College has a short recess so look out for more country boy adventures in the Autumn as I head into the final term. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures.


country boy in the capital

country boy in the capital

country boy in the capital

country boy in the capital

A Country Boy in the Capital: Episode 7

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