We're back! Come along on Sunday (10:30am start) for some worship - In Person!
We're back! Come along on Sunday (10:30am start) for some worship - In Person!
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bury st edmunds church, community churchSo today I want to tell you about the Adventures of “The Man Bag” and the “Wallet of destiny” or to borrow the lyrics of a second world war song “We’ll meet again, don’t know where don’t know when”.

In an effort to trendy me up my daughter had bought me a canvas and leather “Man Bag”, just the thing I thought to carry all my bits and bods for my monthly visit to the capital for Bible school. Enough space for my Wallet, Tablet, paper notes, Mobile Phone, battery boost pack, pens combs Tickets and perhaps the most important item “refreshments”.

My wallet is a plain black leather one which has a monogram of a well-known but underperforming Suffolk football club with the initials ITFC.

The problem with a rammed man bag is the rummage to find specific items just when you need them, the travellers’ curse ensures that your rail ticket will always hide at the bottom of the bag as you seek to locate it for the rail staff.
bury st edmunds church, community church
Had a brilliant day of study looking at the “Kingdom United and Divided”

Caught the 16:44 at Kings Cross and fired up the tablet to review my observations.

The PA Announcer tells me the next stop is Ely, so rummages in Man bag to get my car keys ready to get out of the car park before the many commuters who think they are Lewis Hamilton on the F1 grid. Had a pleasant uneventful drive home, next day (Saturday) enjoying a leisurely late breakfast mid-morning when a phone call comes.
“This is the Downham Market Railway Station Inspector. Are you Pastor Plume?”
“Yes, I am.”
“We have your wallet here, can you bring some ID and collect before noon or I have to send it back to lost property in London?”

My wife muttered something about me being a “Numpty”, so we leapt into the car to make the 78-mile round trip to collect the “Wallet of Destiny”. At least we got a stop off in Ely for a spot of lunch on the way back.

Yes, some kind soul had found my wallet all alone on the train seat and handed it in complete with all contents, which included my Ministers Cards hence the contact.
So, three lessons learned. Number one – there are still some good honest people about. Number two – don’t overfill the man bag and number three, don’t rummage at the last minute. Oh, and maybe a fourth! Check and check again before alighting from the train.

I believe my guardian angel is claiming for overtime as I keep him so busy! See you again soon for the next blog and enjoy the images.

A Country Boy in the Capital: Episode 3
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3 thoughts on “A Country Boy in the Capital: Episode 3

  • 2nd May 2017 at 7:08 pm

    Hilarious Bernie! Fab account of your man bag – which I LOVE by the way – and your journey and the usual trials of having an oversized bag.

  • 2nd May 2017 at 9:26 pm

    Very funny! Sounds just like you Bernie! Love reading this!!

  • 13th May 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Made me smile as I always check for my wallet wherever I go even when I’m at home and regularly run up or downstairs to find it. Guess that’s called paranoia! Look forward to your next instalment.


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