Birth, death and the bit in-between

Well here I am again. It’s mid-November on a cold morning, exiting Kings Cross platform 11 with the jostling crowd. Looking at the faces and body language, most are not thrilled to be here; a myriad of focusses behind the facial expressions.

I pass on past St Pancras and a branch of Café Nero and a discarded cardboard notice from someone begging on the street tells of his or her search for a “Leg Up” in life.

On my return I stop to view a Pacifist Wreath at a memorial in Tavistock Square with white poppies decrying the futility of war, then on to the more familiar Red Poppies memorial inside Kings Cross station which is an updated version of a 1920s memorial to remember employees who lost their lives in warfare.

…we are promised a “life that is full and abundant”, a friend who is with us in all life’s challenges and a certain and sure destination with him in Heaven.

I am not being miserable but it reminded me of what a writer said long ago. In modern words, he said, “Is this all there is to life? we are born, we die and everything we do is futility, just empty like a puff of transient steam”

It could be viewed like that: we are born, we die and the bit in between goes so fast and for many it is just a wearying struggle or a bland existence.

I was so glad that the bulk of my day was again studying the timeless truths for every generation and culture from the bible where we are promised a “life that is full and abundant”, a friend who is with us in all life’s challenges and a certain and sure destination with him in Heaven.

Knowing and living with the Creator is the only thing that makes sense of birth, death and bit in-between.

Please enjoy the images. Tune in next month for the FINAL episode from the Country Boy.

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A Country boy in the capital episode 10

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  • 19th November 2017 at 2:07 pm

    Not the last, surely


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