We held our Christmas dinner again this year at The Manger, Bradfield Combust, on Thursday 7th December. We chose the same venue as it suited our needs (ie. a separate room, good menu and very good service).

Although we were slightly down on numbers compared to last year we still had an attendance of 32, all of whom appeared to enjoy the food but mostly the company. After giving thanks, along came the starters on the dot of 6.30 but we were still one down – our Pastor Stephen. But bless him; he arrived just in time to accept his starter having rushed to join us all the way from Ireland. Very commendable. Also it was really good to see so many of our young folk there mixing in – 6 in all.

At the end of the meal, Steve Wigby consented to giving a short epilogue. This included a short resume of 2017 followed by a humorous food for thought, the content of which was bordering on Bernie’s humour (I think they spend too long in each other’s company).

As last year The Manger was treated with a visit from the local church choir who came in to sing carols. However, when they came into our dining room they asked us to join in which we did willingly. I think we “gave them a good run for their money”, after all we did outnumber them, but it was very enjoyable.

It was at times quite a noisy meal – from the people not the food and anyway who said church folk were quiet, so before folks started to depart I went round with an empty pint mug to collect tips for the staff. In true HC3 custom generosity was to the fore as I gave quite full glass over to Janice for herself and the staff who received well earned applause from the diners.

Once again I have to say thank you to all those who were able to attend and for making the evening a very enjoyable one.

~David B


HC3 Christmas Dinner 2017

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