We're back! Come along on Sunday (10:30am start) for some worship - In Person!
We're back! Come along on Sunday (10:30am start) for some worship - In Person!

When we hear “rain stopped play” we normally think of cricket (said in a Richie Benaud accent) or Wimbledon (but not so much now they have a roof) but on Tuesday 27th June it happened to us!

By us I mean the Men’s Group and our Annual Putting Competition at the West Suffolk Golf Centre in Beck Row. It rained and rained ALL afternoon sometime even bucketing down amid sounds of thunder but very little lightning. I know we need the rain but…..The forecast led me to believe that there could possibly be the slightest hint of maybe just a little window where the wet stuff might ease a little – well it didn’t. God obviously had other plans but either I didn’t hear him or He forgot to tell me!

God obviously had other plans but either I didn’t hear him or He forgot to tell me!

Having said that though around 8.30pm two of our 16 in number did venture out in light drizzle to knock a ball round the putting green of nine holes, but that’s where it stopped. Pastor Stephen needed to stretch his slipped disc back and Nathan, always the competitive Nathan, was not going to let him go out there alone.

During the course of the afternoon, whilst slaving over a hot computer trying to put alternative plans together for a wet weather programme, I had several enquiries as to “weather” (sorry) we were “still on”. I stood by my decision to go as not only had we paid our deposits but Emma and John, the Stewards of the club, had been out and bought the food in preparation for the evening so it didn’t feel right for us not to go along and eat it. They did a great job once again especially the scrummy desert. Added to that, the lady professional had laid out the course especially for us.

However, I had produced a list of sporting questions for the guys to “have a go” at whilst we waited on the BBQ, nothing serious just individuals shouting out their answers. It did while away the time nicely as the food didn’t take too long.

After having our fill Simon got up to give us a short epilogue. Being the highly intelligent scientist that he is, he spoke of why such a person as he believed in God knowing that the majority of scientists believe in anything but because they can’t see it, smell it, touch it, hear it or prove it. Simon blew our minds away talking about molecular structure and DNA and how fragile it is and how much we have in our own bodies. When asked how far we thought it would stretch to we hadn’t got a clue. To think that it could stretch to the sun and back (93 million miles – one way) x 134 – well that’s one heck of a tape measure he must have, mine only reaches 2.5m!

But back to the comp. The new trophy was obviously not presented to anyone, so John Zarattini will have to wait another year, neither was the wooden spoon for the last runner up (I’ll have to change the date on it now) but I think good conversation and fellowship along with the food proved to be a pleasant evening, despite the elements, which we would not necessarily have had if we were outside in the sunshine having a laugh (I’m not too disappointed honest).

David Brereton

Annual Putting Competition: Rain Stopped Play!

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