Bernard Plume, A country boy in the capitalI have been honing my survival skills in a ninja warrior style – what’s this got to do with a Minister going to Bible School in London, I hear you say?

Well there is nothing like the 7:20 from Ely to Kings Cross, even better the return train, to sharpen one’s ability to overcome. Here’s what I have learned so far.

In a state of compression, I have learned how to peel a banana with one hand and eat it, then return the empty skin to my ‘man bag’ as it’s too much of a fight to reach the nearest waste bin.

I developed bionic vision to quickly spot the platform number on the electronic display board so that I get that all-important 3 metre start from the rest of the herd to my assigned platform.

The ability with one smooth movement to present and remove my ticket in the E-Reader.

I have learned to weave like a ‘rugby forward’ adopting the ‘Hand Off’ to ensure I quickly reach the first four carriages as these are the only ones doing the complete journey to Ely.
It is also essential that as you approach the carriages that you can scan whilst in motion for that all important vacant seat.

Bernard Plume, a country boy in the capitalI have failed in one skill – the ability to influence the minds of others or transfer guilt and embarrassment. On one return journey, no seats, I was adjacent to a younger man who refused to make eye contact. I tried coughing, shifting from one foot to the other, sighing. He cunningly read his copy of the Metro at least 4 times to avoid getting the glare or enquiry, toughing it out until we reached Ely.

This was the second of my trips. I might post some more to tell you just what I have been up to as my course progresses.


~Bernard Plume

A Country Boy in the Capital

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  • 2nd May 2017 at 7:09 pm

    I feel like I need to travel with you, sounds like a blast! Great blog, love it.


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